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Triangle Venture Partners, LLC is a holding company that provides an organizational and financial structure for multiple ventures, investments and client services to the technology, digital media and some financial services markets. TVP, LLC is organized and managed by a partner group that provides management oversight, investment capital and advisory services. We seek to achieve attractive returns for our partners and our outside investors, by leveraging our expertise and network in analyzing potential investments, participating with partner opportunities and in providing critical advisory services. We work with a wide range of clients that include a mix of new, early stage companies, ongoing, or continuing clients, underperforming and/or distressed companies and targeted investment opportunities.

The TVP, LLC entity facilitates engagement in a wide range of opportunities and services arrangements typically offered by three well established industry and service providers:

  • Private Equity
  • Capital Management
  • Advisory or Management Consulting Services.

TVP concentrates on five primary market segments:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Business Services, including Business Process Outsourcing
  • Internet, E-commerce and some Infrastructure
  • Digital Media
  • Financial Services, particularly consumer delivery service

Our primary objective is to provide a full range of services to our clients that include, but are not limited to raising capital, managing and investing capital, and, both access to and delivery of critical advisory, management and operating expertise to achieve attractive returns. We target companies that need to raise investment capital, but also require the combination of our management services to achieve a successful startup, launch or venture opportunity. We are not seed stage investors, and, while we see many seed opportunities, we are happy to refer these opportunities to firms in our network that can provide the necessary capital and ongoing management that this stage company needs most.

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